Hits and misses

Polishing / building confidence:

(1) Falling angels (both sides)
[WIP] – i’ve done this several times, but probably still want to keep working on this until i can do fast, confident switches and use it in freestyle!

(2) Outside angel, inverted pike, inside angel (both sides)
[WIP] – i’ve done this several times, but probably still want to keep wroking on this, particularly on weaker side

(3) Outside angel, inverted pike, horizontal split
[N/A] – didn’t work on this at all

(4) Cat ripple
[CHECK!] – am surprisingly strong and confident in this move now, even with alternate hand placement (i.e. left hand closer to floor and pushing away instead of my usual right hand)… which seemed almost stronger. i’m pushing away quite far from the pole, and managing to sit back upwards and on my bum quite a bit…very very happy with progress in this move.

Improving consistency:

(5) Pencil mount
[CHECK!] – probably need to feel more balanced when mounting (legs need to rise up in tandem instead of unevenly)

(6) Superman
[WIP] – performance is still very spotty

(7) Shoulder mount
– tried several times. success rate, even ungracefully, is only ~50%

(8) Knee hold (from side-climb)
[WIP] – dismal failure so far. need to keep working on this


(9) Pencil from hangback
[CHECK!] – next step (maybe in the more distant future, once i can do this in my sleep) is to switch hand placements when doing this! 😉

(10) Aisha
[N/A] – haven’t been able to work on this since N has been out of commission for several months

(11) Extended butterfly – from bullet, from butterfly
[WIP] – currently doing prep work for bullet into extended butterfly. managed to go from bullet, starfish to positioning myself in an inversion with knees gripping pole – which is already a fairly big step for me, so i’m quite happy with the progress