That's me (sans facial hair)


Work has been really busy lately: work that needs to be done ‘ASAP’, conference calls scheduled at inconvenient times (read: during my regular pole class time), client meetings which over-run… And then I was away during the weekend (equals to no ballet, and no weekend pole lesson).

So I haven’t poled, done ballet, or any kind of exercise for more than a week. And I find myself getting progressively so irritable, on edge, grumpy. I miss the endorphin high that are released… the happy, contented feeling of achievement from exerting myself, the satisfying post-workout muscle ache from poling, the calming effect of repeating the same movements and trying to improve it incrementally each time in ballet. Exercising and the resulting endorphin release can be addictive, and result in withdrawal symptoms when one stops exercising. The problem is exacerbated when the withdrawn exercise is itself enjoyable and fun.

I’m doing my best to not start snapping at people randomly or give them the evil eye when they suggest yet another inconvenient time for a sit-down / meeting / call, but I can feel myself slowly going crazy inside and getting frustrated. Hopefully tonight I will be able to break my streak of 9-consecutive days of no exercise (since 29th Jan)… fingers crossed. Otherwise, I might actually bite someone’s head off. Rawr!

– UPDATE – I had to miss the class after all due to a last-minute client call that was scheduled for the same time as my class. >:(