The below are my official ‘beginning of the year’ splits pictures for comparison against at the end of the year. These were taken on 8th Jan per my previous post, and only posted now because I’m a procrastinator.

At the end of the year, I would need to do c. 1o minutes of warm-up and then measure the splits I achieve at the end of the short warm-up. Because obviously it’s much easier to do splits if I do hours of warm up, so to compare apples-to-apples, I need to measure both sets of splits under similar conditions. To be precise, I did mostly ballet-style kicks and some lunges / stretches to Bruno Mars’ songs: Grenade, The Lazy Song, Marry You.

Front / back splits (left leg front):

Splits_left leg front

My better side (despite the gaping hole and bent back leg) - distance to the floor: 6cm

Front / back splits (right leg front):

Splits_right leg front

Am loving the optical illusion here! - Distance to the floor: 7.5cm

Middle / straddle splits:


More V-sit than splits for now - right heel distance to horizontal: 46.2cm; left heel distance to horizontal: 47.4cm